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      I used to work in Cairns as a full time diving instructor. Today, I work full time with PADI and can now teach my friends diving in my leisure time. Becoming a PADI Instructor brought me to where I am today and I still enjoy diving very much.
      Kim Ngan
      PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor / Australia
      Scuba diving has given me a lot of happiness and a chance to make new friends from all over the world. As a dive professional, scuba diving has given me tremendous satisfaction to see better lifestyle changes to all the divers that I taught. Being a PADI scuba diving instructor is the best part of my career life – The most rewarding lifestyle career.
      Samuel Wong
      PADI Course Director / Vietnam
      I chose a full-time diving instructor career. I now enjoy making new friends from the world over as part of work. Diving led me to discover a bigger world than the one we live on and it is a privilege for those who choose to explore.
      SF Chong
      PADI Platinum Course Director / Malaysia